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Benefits of URL shorteners like URL84

url shortener benefits

When you are a digital marketer, you cannot ignore URL shorteners like url84 as they offer several benefits, especially in the context of online marketing and communication.

Here are some of the advantages of using URL shorteners:

Space Conservation & Easy Sharing

Shortened URLs take up less space, making them ideal for character-limited platforms or texts. This allows for more concise and effective communication.

Shortened URLs are easy to share verbally and are more user-friendly. They are particularly useful for sharing links in presentations, podcasts, and other spoken contexts where long URLs can be cumbersome.

Long URLs can break in emails, causing formatting issues and making them less user-friendly. URL shorteners help maintain the integrity of links in email campaigns.

Look at the following two URLs,

Long URL:


Shortened URL:

Which one looks better and effective? Even though both directs you to the same page, shortened version is more appealing and easy to share in your communications.

shlink.in is a URL shortening domain from URL84

QR Codes:

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Everybody in the business is using QR codes, so why leave your marketing campaigns behind. QR codes can store a significant amount of data in a small space, and they can be quickly scanned using a smartphone or dedicated QR code scanner. This makes them efficient for quickly accessing information, websites, or applications.

url shortener QR code

QR codes are used in marketing and advertising materials to provide an interactive experience for consumers. By scanning a QR code, users can access promotional offers, product details, or additional multimedia content, enhancing the overall marketing strategy.

QR codes are used in marketing and advertising materials to provide an interactive experience for consumers. By scanning a QR code, users can access promotional offers, product details, or additional multimedia content, enhancing the overall marketing strategy.

URL84 generates QR code for each short URL you generate. When generating QR codes, shorter URLs are preferred. They result in simpler QR codes that are easier to scan and take up less space.

Improved Aesthetics

Shortened URLs are often more visually appealing, especially in print materials or presentations. They can enhance the overall aesthetics of your content.

Tracking and Analytics

URL shortening services like URL84 provide tracking and analytics features. You can monitor the performance of your links, including the number of clicks, geographic location of users, and referral sources. This data can be valuable for assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Branding and Customization

Some URL shorteners allow for custom short domains, enabling you to create branded short links that reinforce your brand identity. This can contribute to brand recognition and trust. URL84 provides you two different domains URL84.com and SHURL.in.

Prevention of Link Breakage

Long URLs can sometimes break or become distorted when shared in emails or on certain platforms. URL shorteners help prevent link breakage, ensuring that users can access the intended content.

Certain marketing campaigns involve gathering this data and help take informed decisions about product development, pricing, and positioning.

Quick and Easy Redirects

Shortened URLs can be used for quick and easy redirects. If you need to update the destination URL, you can do so without changing the short link, making it convenient for ongoing campaigns.

You can get in touch with URL84 team and we can offer all the support you need to manage your marketing campaigns.

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Campaign Tracking

In marketing campaigns, you can use different shortened URLs for various channels or campaigns. This allows you to track the performance of each channel separately and analyze which ones are most effective.

Link Management

URL shortening services often come with link management features, allowing you to organize and categorize your links. This can be especially useful for marketers managing multiple campaigns. URL shorteners provide a centralized platform for managing and organizing links. Users can customize and edit short URLs, making it easier to update links without changing the destination URL.

Reduced Typos

Shortened URLs are less prone to typos or errors when users manually enter them. This can help ensure that users reach the intended destination without frustration. While URL shorteners offer these benefits, it's essential to use them responsibly and be aware of the potential risks, such as link obfuscation and security concerns. Choosing reputable URL shortening services and being transparent about the destination URLs can help mitigate some of these risks.


In conclusion, URL shorteners like URL84 are a great way to manage your digital marketing campaigns. In addition to providing a short, branded and user-friendly URLs, they also provide services like QR code generator, Link Management, Marketing campaign tracking and analytics. You don't have to type long URLs, the short urls avoid link breaks and improves asthetics of your content too.

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