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Trying to use URL shorteners? Careful of the risks.

While URL/Link shorteners serve a great purpose when trying to make the most of your marketing strategy and campaigns, however the users and the ..

url shortener risks
Benefits of URL shorteners like URL84

When you are a digital marketer, you cannot ignore URL shorteners like url84 as they offer several benefits, especially in the context of online ..

What Is Marketing? And Why it's critical to your business?

If a business wants to excel, there’s no option to defining and planning a clear marketing strategy. It will only help accelerate the business growth by ..

Change your approach without abandoning your dreams

In life, the path to our dreams may not always be a straight line. Sometimes, it's essential to reevaluate our strategies rather than letting go of our aspirations...

What's your reason for using phone while driving?

A seatbelt saved my life in 2016. I was hit by a truck. The driver was texting on his phone. He hit me driver side. I will never be able to walk 100% pain free....

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